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About Us

BFO is a public organisation – a non-profit public legal entity with limited civil liability carrying out activities aimed to meet public interest. Members of BFO (private companies and associations) are partners based on an establishment agreement. The main purpose of BFO mainly includes activities of representing interests of special groups, or promoting ideas, established by the industries, towards the public. BFO is seeking to ensure positive environment which allows the members residing in food and drinks industry to constantly grow.

BFO Mission:

  • To assist entities active in food sector in Lithuania and other Baltic countries to increase competitiveness and develop constant business growth.

BFO Strategy:

  • To build a long lasting and favorable environment for developing organic farming products market, to boost information system for organic farming topic, to educate professionals and opinion leaders with details of organic farming, and simultaneously to cultivate consumers to recognise EU organic farming logo and to strengthen their trust in it.

BFO Objectives:

  • Encourage higher involvment of supply chain participants in organic products market
  • Improve identification and trust in organic labelling through increasing recognition of EU organic logo, as well as, increasing awareness on organic labelling rules and control system
  • Improve consumer understanding of value-added of organic products through increasing and broadening consumer awareness about content and benefits of organic farming

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